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Brewster Council Discusses PD 9/18/2012
The Brewster City Council held a regularly scheduled meeting last week, with more than 40 community residents on hand to discuss two items concerning the Brewster Police Department.
First on the agenda was the possibility of contracting with Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office- an idea that was sparked in July when David Freels, who serves on the city council, suggested council seek price comparisons for law enforcement with the county. At the same meeting, Freels also made a motion to eliminate a vacant position within the police department and redirect those funds into the street fund.
At last week’s meeting, the cost breakdown showed that contracting with the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office would cost the city more than $250 thousand above the current amount of $779 thousand the city budgets for the City Police Department.
Freels states that with that large of an increase, it makes for an easy decision.
Focus then turned to the request to re-instate the sixth officer that the council initially budgeted for, and then eliminated in July.
One member of the public says it seems as simple as adding up the overtime costs.
Two of the five council members were absent at the meeting, so a motion was not made to reinstate the sixth officer- and the topic will be revisited at the next council meeting, which is scheduled for 6PM on Thursday, October 10th.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio