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Rod Cool Gives Fair Report 8/28/2012
Crisp mornings of early fall and the bright afternoons of the plateau where the backdrop for the 2012 edition of the North Central Washington District Fair.  Thirty-six members of the Chelan FFA Chapter brought 26 market hogs,  6 market steers,  10 meat goats,  7 market lambs, 3 ewe lambs, and 2 horses and over 150 still life exhibits.
The members came with plans to do well and that is what they did. 
First in the FFA Still Life Barn,  Chelan FFA members came away with a bushel basket full of round ribbons.  Bobby Hanson had the Grand Champion Farm Shop project, Grand Champion Hay Exhibit, Reserve Champion Vegetable Exhibit and Reserve Champion Overall Horticulture.   Apolinar Blanco received the Grand Champion Rosette in Overall Horticulture and Vegetable Exhibit.  Jake Straub was the Grand Champion in Agronomy Plant Mount and Ian Cowell earned the Reserve Champion ribbon.  Lupe Villasenor was the Reserve Grand Champion in Educational Displays. 
In the Hog Barn,  Chelan FFA members had 26 hogs on exhibit.  Three members made the Championship Drive on Thursday with Bobby Hanson ,  Lucas Gleasman, and Chris Lloyd making the finals.  On Friday on Show Day,  Apol Blanco, Chris Lloyd, Drew Morris,  Nathan Bishop,  Jake Horlebien,  Derek Ahl, Lucas Gleasman,  Chad Miller, Corey McClellan, and Shanna McGinty made up 10 of the 16 exhibitors in the Championship Drive.  When all was said and done Lucas Gleasman earned the Reserve Champion Rosette.  Other swine showman included,  Levi Greenway,  Ty Miller,  Amanda Stewart,  Jake Straub, Erik Straub, Lindsey Brownfield,  Sedyrra Copas, and Lupe Villasenor. 
In the Sheep Barn,  Amanda Reeves and Romaine Doty made the finals on Market Day with Romaine coming away with the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb.  In the Breeding Classes, Amanda Reeves was the Grand Champion Ewe Lamb and Romaine Doty had the Reserve Champion. Other sheep showman were  Anna Doty, Melissa LaHaye and Josie Gallup. 
In the Goat Barn,  Bobby Hanson,  Lane Molina, Rhiannon Davis, Erik Straub, Billy Poppie, and Derion Martin all exhibited meat goats earning blue ribbons and placing near the top of their classes.
In the Beef Barn,  Chelan members had six steers on display.  On Market Day,  Leah Clark ended up third in the show with her calf.  On Fitting and Showing Day,  Javier Rivera was the Champion of the novice class and moved into  the finals also ending up third.  Other exhibitors included Loren Stocker and Michael LaHaye. 
In the Horse Barn,  Mikaila Harrison and Pashiya Sandum did extremely well.  Mikaila earned the Grand Champion Fitting and Showing Rosette in addition to a Grand Champion in the Halter Class and Bareback Equitation Classes and Reserve Champion Rosettes in English Pleasure, English Equitation and Trail Classes.  Pashiya earned the Grand Champion Rosette in the Trail and Western Pleasure Classes and a Reserve Champion ribbon for Western Equitation. 
In Career Development Events, the Chelan Chapter continued their winning ways with the Horse Teams winning a 1st and 3rd place banner.  With Selah Valencia placing 5th,  Shanna McGinty placing 7th, and Mikaila Harrison placing 9th on team 1 with team members Melissa LaHaye and Pashiya Sandum.  Team 2 earned the 3rd place banner with Lucas Gleasman placing 6th and Amanda Reeves 10th with team members Jake Straub, Bobby Hanson, and Drew Morris. 
Chelan also won the first place banner in Produce Judging with Apolinar Blanco  placing first,  Dane Schwartz second,  Shanna McGinty sixth,  Amanda Stewart seventh,  and Jake Straub eighth.   The Tractor team of Lupe Villasenor, Jake Straub,  Ben Lorenz, and Derek Ahl earned the third place banner with Lupe and Jake in the Top ten. The Livestock team placed fourth with Nathan Bishop placing eighth and Romaine Doty placing tenth.