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Chelan Drama Choir Performs With Foreigner 8/28/2012
The Chelan High School Drama Choir performed a song with Foreigner last Friday, as part of a fundraising event that the group will not forget anytime soon.
Foreigner has been offering the opportunity to local choir groups for nearly four years- donating money in return for their performance.
Chelan’s Drama Guild President, Shy-anne Crose, said she heard about the opportunity just one week before the performance date, and now she owns one of their CD’s, but admits that she wasn’t sure at first who exactly Foreigner was.
In addition to performing live with Foreigner, the Chelan Choir Group was also charged with selling CD’s to concert goers before the concert started, with a portion of those proceeds going to the charity “The Grammy Foundation”
Josie Consfort, Secretary of the Chelan Drama Club, told us that the entire experience came so fast that the realization of how big of an opportunity this was didn’t sink in at first.
The Chelan Drama Club Choir was made up of nearly 25 students ranging from junior high to alumni and was directed by ChelanHigh School director, Merilee Kunkle.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio