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Kyle Jaynes Remains Hospitalized & Stable 8/17/2012
Kyle Jaynes, a 30-year old Manson graduate, remains hospitalized and in stable condition today, five days after he was rescued from a remote mountain side near Canoe Creek on the north shore of Lake Chelan.
Jaynes was transferred from Lake ChelanCommunityHospital to a different facility where he is receiving additional medical treatment after spending four days along a steep bluff without food or water.
Chelan CountySheriff officials told KOZI that Jaynes was reported missing last Thursday afternoon when he did not return to the cabin he was staying in with family and friends. Jaynes left the cabin at about 1PM to go out to relax and read a book.
Chelan County Search and Rescue personnel, deputies and a search dog responded by boat on Friday morning and a ground search began as well as an aerial search with the use of a Chelan County helicopter.
By Saturday morning, the search focus turned to the waters of Lake Chelan and divers were called in.
In the early morning hours on Monday, Jaynes made his way to a cabin near Canoe Creek- dehydrated and injured.
Jaynes told emergency crews that he slipped and fell, striking his head on a rock and losing consciousness for an undetermined amount of time.
Officials say Jaynes suffered a severe head injury as well as possible internal injuries and a broken ankle.
KOZI is in close contact with Kyle’s family and will continue to bring updates as he gains strength and recovers from his injuries.
Kyle’s family has expressed their sincere appreciation to the community for their support and well wishes during the intense four day search for Kyle as well as after he was rescued.