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Brewster Council Votes Against Public's Pleas 8/16/2012
Community members showed up to last night’s Brewster City Council meeting in full force to voice their disapproval surrounding the possibility of contracting with Okanaogan County Sheriff’s Office and doing away with the city Police Department.
Three of the five council members have voiced their intent to seek price comparisons with OkanoganCounty to consider a possible change in law enforcement.
Nearly 30 people attended last night’s meeting, and more than half of them stood up to not only tell the council they do not want to contract with the county, but also requested the council reinstate an officer position already budgeted for this year.
The current city budget allows for six officers, however after an officer retired, the council chose not to fill the vacant position, leaving the department to operate with five.
Bob Fately, who is a Brewster business owner and previously served on the council for more than 20 years told the council that contracting with the county equates to less law enforcement in the city.
The motion to reinstate the sixth police officer was voted down by a vote of 2-3. Council members John Scheller, Kris Dawson and Dave Freels all voted against, while Art Smyth and Dan Smith voted for it.
Council member Scheller reminded those in attendance that no decision had been made yet regarding an Okanogan County Sheriff contract and that the discussions are still in the preliminary stages.
Police Chief Ron Oules questioned the need for a price comparison with the county.
The Brewster City Council will meet again Wednesday, September, 12 when they will revisit the possibility of contracting with Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.
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