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Target Zero DUI Emphasis Starts Friday 8/16/2012
Tomorrow marks the first day of the annual Drive Hammered, Get Nailed Campaign- when extra officers will be looking for drivers, driving under the influence.
Last year in Chelan, Douglas and OkanoganCounties, during the same time period, officers on routine and extra patrols arrested 25 people for DUI.
Evelyn Roy, Target Zero Manager for Chelan/Douglas Counties told KOZI that the Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force organizes and supports this enforcement effort that will last through September 3.
The Washington Traffic Safety Commission says that drunk drivers can exhibit a variety of behaviors depending upon impairment level. For example, those who know they are impaired travel slower that the posted speed limit, keep their face close to the windshield, show slow responses to traffic signals, sudden stops, tapping of the brake lights or travel side to side within and outside of their lane.
Those who don’t think they are impaired generally drive a little more aggressively and often speed, follow too closely, and change lanes abruptly.
The combination of one or more of these behaviors may alert you that you are near a drunk driver and you are encouraged to dial 911.
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