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Call In Smokes To CWICC or Ranger District 7/25/2012
Despite what seems like a quiet few days for our local firefighters, we are still on the front end of what is sure to be a very busy fire season- and local Ranger Districts want to be sure that residents know the steps to call in any signs of smokes.
Local Ranger Districts work closely with CentralWashingtonInteragencyCommunicationsCenter, known as CWICC, which began operations in 1992.
The center provides dispatch for the Southeast Region of Department of Natural Resources, Okanogan-WenatcheeNational Forest and the Bureau of Land Management as well as expanded dispatch for the Mid-Columbia Wildlife Refuge.
CWICC’s area covers nearly 23 million acres, encompassing 17 counties – and makes up for about 48 percent of the state.
Chelan Ranger District Spokesperson, Elka Missal, says anyone who sees smoke can call the local district, but they are not staffed 24-hours- so she suggests keeping both phone numbers on hand.
The phone number for the Chelan Ranger District is 682-4900- and the phone number for CWICC is 884-FIRE.
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