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Commissioners Question Stehekin Plan 7/20/2012
The National Park Service has released its final environmental impact statement for the Stehekin River Corridor Plan, outlining how it wants to manage the lower ten-mile stretch of the river.
The agency began developing its plan in 2008 after the StehekinRiver experienced its three largest floods in the past 100 years- one in 1995, another in 2003 and the third in 2006.
The plan addresses woody debris in the StehekinRiver, building a road to allow access to a meadow and identifies 31 parcels of land as high priority for land exchange or acquisition.
The plan also calls for the addition of a new raft take-out area at the mouth of the river, a new campground at RainbowFalls and a trail from Stehekin Landing to HighBridge.
The plan does not come without concerns, however, and the ChelanCounty Commissioners are voicing theirs.
A public information meeting will be held from 7-9pm on Monday, August 6th at the GoldenWestVisitorCenter at the Stehekin Landing for anyone interested in hearing more about the National Park Service’s proposed plan.
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