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Foster Creek Fire Is Almost Contained 7/17/2012
Operational managers are reporting that good progress was made on the fireline yesterday as crews continued to seek and extinguish hot spots around the outer edges of the fire.  “We have moved into the mop-up stage, and we’re hopeful that we can really get this fire contained by the end of shift today”, said Department of Natural Resources Incident Commander (DNR IC) Ron Wonch.  GPS technology was used to determine a closer estimate on the acreage of the fire.  The new estimate puts the fire at 1,291 acres.
An Infrared camera and operator arrived at the Incident Camp in Bridgeport last night and has been deployed out to the fire this morning to seek out embers and burning debris that may be burning beneath the surface.  When found, these areas are then flagged and fire crew’s follow-up by digging and spraying water to fully extinguish these lingering sources of heat.  “We want to be as thorough as possible so we leave this fire in a safe manner”, Wonch said. 
The fire crews and incident management team has been housed out of the Bridgeport High School, with the command post being located in the school library.  “These folks have been very accommodating, and we are very thankful for the use of their school”, said Matt Ugaldea, Logistical Section Cheif.  Cooperation between multiple agencies is key to maintaining organization and maximizing productivity for fire crews.  The school district is one of many agencies and private organizations that have been a part of this effort.  The DNR Type 3 Incident Management Team responsible for managing this fire would like to thank everyone who has helped with the effort; it has truly been a ‘multi-organizational’ team effort.