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Ann Anson Three Rivers Employee Of Month 7/9/2012
Ann Anson has been chosen as the Three Rivers Hospital Employee of the Month for June.
Anson began her career at Three Rivers Hospital 18 years ago.  Her job includes housekeeping , laboratory runs and whatever else is needed in the hospital.  Ann and her significant other, Eric Tollefson have four children, 20 year old twins, Regina and Rachel, 15 year old Kasey and 14 year old Whitney and live in Malott.
Staff members have the opportunity every month to nominate an “employee of the month,”  with an employee of the year chosen in December.  DJ Dinjian will receive a $10 gift certificate for nominating Anson.  Dinjian said:  “Ann always smiles, is an incredible worker, has a great attitude, pleasant with everyone including staff and patients, gets along with everyone and is very thoughtful.”   With nominations from several other employees saying: “Loves to help people when needed, even when she is busy and she always has time to say hi to everyone,”  it was an easy choice to pick Ann Anson as the employee of the month for June, said Lesley Moore, chair of the staff recognition committee.
When asked why she likes working at ThreeRiversHospital, Anson said: “I like the people I work with, the department works well together and likes her boss.
Employees of the Month are awarded a vest with the Three Rivers Logo on it, a parking space for the month and their certificate is hung on the wall in the hospital’s lobby.  Everyone nominated throughout the year have the opportunity to become the “Employee of the Year.”