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Latest Fire Updates From DNR 7/9/2012
 Navarre Fire:

The Navarre Fire is now estimated to be 775 acres and 80 percent contained.  The evacuation level for homes along Navarre Coulee Road has been downgraded to Level 1.  Although there was some fire activity in response to the thunderstorm within the perimeter of the fire overnight, it remained within firelines.

Today, fire crews will continue to construct fireline, improve and strengthen existing firelines, and mop-up where possible.  The fire is expected to continue backing downhill towards the control line.  Pockets of unburned fuels will continue to be consumed in the interior of the fire.
Hot weather, steep terrain, rolling rocks and other rolling debris are major concerns for firefighter safety. 
There is a Red Flag warning in effect today due to predicted high temperatures and low relative humidities.
Restrictions on boat access near the helicopter dipping site on the Columbia River remain in effect.
Chelan Butte Fire:
Due to an overnight thunderstorm, a second fire has started and is currently being supported by the Navarre Fire Incident Management Team.  The Chelan Butte Fire is estimated at 107 acres and is burning on the east side of Chelan Butte.  The land is a mix of ownerships including private, Washington State Fish and Wildlife, and the Bureau of Land Management.  Two 20-person hand crews, five engines, a dozer, helicopters and minimal overhead are being shared from the Navarre Fire to provide assistance to Chelan Fire and Rescue District Number 7.  The cause is determined to be lightning.  The fire is burning in steep terrain in shrub steppe fuels.
A Level 2 evacuation notice is in effect for the Chelan Butte paragliding area.  This means users of that are need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.