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Statewide Burn Ban 6/28/2012

While rain and cooler weather have dominated the early fire season, remember that there is still fire risk. As vegetation dries out, fires can quickly ignite, The State Department of Natural Resources reminds you to be aware of fire restrictions wherever you plan to enjoy their holiday. It is illegal to discharge fireworks on DNR-protected and public lands.

Just since January, DNR has already suppressed 143 fires that have burned nearly 872 acres on DNR-protected lands. Not surprisingly, DNR records show fire danger is highest Saturday and Sunday afternoons when the woods fill up with recreationists. Unattended campfires, fireworks, faulty vehicle or motorcycle mufflers, careless disposal of cigarettes, and outdoor burning are among the common sources of wildfire starts in Washington State.

Beginning Sunday July 1st there will be a statewide burn ban in effect on all DNR-protected lands through September 30, 2012. This means all forestlands in Washington under DNR fire protection.

Campfires are permitted on DNR-managed lands in approved fire pits only.

Never leave a campfire unattended, and be sure it is completely out before leaving the area;

Do not park any vehicles in dry, grassy areas as the heat from exhaust systems can ignite the dry grass.

The DNR is responsible for preventing and fighting wildfires on over 12 million acres of private, state and tribal-owned forestlands. DNR is the state's largest on-call fire department, with over 1,000 trained employees available to be dispatched during fire season.