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Three Fingers Removal Will Likely Take Years 6/4/2012
 Last week’s ruling by Chelan County Superior Court Judge, Lesley Allan ordering the removal of the Three Fingers landfill on Lake Chelan has spawned some lengthy discussions about when they might be removed?
Allan Galbraith, City of Chelan attorney, assured us that we won’t see that anytime soon.
Galbraith said the City became a party to the lawsuit when GBI, Goodfellow Brothers Incorporated, owner of the Three Fingers, decided to develop the land.
The legal effort to remove the fingers is led by the Chelan Basin Conservancy- who filed two lawsuits. One against the City of Chelan for approving the development permit, and another against the land owners.
In last weeks decision granting the conservancy’s request to have the fingers removed Judge Allan wrote, “...It is undisputed that public access to the lake is impaired and the existence of the fill wholly obliterates the ability of the public to utilize that portion of the lake for navigation and recreation.”
The Chelan Basin Conservancy is a Chelan based conservation group formed with the goal of restoring the cove to its natural state and protecting public access. 
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio