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Community Mourns Death of Leroy Hall 6/4/2012
It deeply saddens all of us here at Kozi Radio to report the death of Manson resident Leroy Hall. The man with the heart as big and deep as the lake itself, took his own life on Saturday for reasons we will never fully understand.
Chelan County Sheriffs Deputies discovered Leroy’s body on the shore of Antilon Lake near Manson on Saturday evening after receiving a citizens report of an abandoned vehicle off the roadway.
Many of you knew Leroy as project manager for the Lake Chelan Habitat for Humanity. Leroy was the “man with the plan” for the past several Habitat Homes built in the valley and was a driving force in the construction of the Habitat Store in Chelan.
Leroy leaves behind a devastated family including his wife and children of Manson. His extended family at Habitat for Humanity, the Manson Kiwanis Club, The Chelan Lions Club and the Manson Grange are equally devastated and bewildered. People don’t decide to take their own life in response to a single event and no one explain Leroy’s actions.
Here at Kozi we feel it is a tragic waste and an avoidable loss. It seems as though Leroy was so concerned with taking care of all those around him that he may have forgotten to take care of himself.
We miss him dearly… he cannot be replaced.