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Fire Crews Ready Round The Clock 5/30/2012
With the summer and tourist season officially upon us- and one major holiday weekend behind us, Chelan Fire & Rescue remains as ready as always for emergencies.
Fire Chief Tim Lemon, tells KOZI that looking back at the major incidents his department was called to through 2011- there is no coloration with holidays, or community events- a reminder that crews always need to be ready.
Chelan Fire & Rescue’s jurisdiction is located in Northeast Chelan County, covering 125 square miles around Lake Chelan and surrounding areas, including The City of Chelan, Chelan Falls, Union Valley, South Lake Shore, 25-Mile Creek, the north side of Lake Chelan from the City of Chelan to Manson, the Chelan Airport and Howard Flats.
Services are delivered from four stations, with one of those stations staffed with career personnel 24-hours a day and the other three staffed with volunteer personnel. The district employs 12 career and 53 volunteer firefighters who operate 4 fire engines, 3 water tenders, 4 wildland fire engines, 1 ladder truck, 1 heavy rescue/special operations vehicle, 2 command vehicles and 2 support vehicles.
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