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Huddleston Gets Organized For Weekend 5/24/2012
On the cusp of what is generally the busiest weekend of the summer, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is in full preparation mode- holding pre-weekend conferences with entities charged with public safety, preparing to barricade streets and testing new radio frequencies.
Sergeant Huddleston explains that the way it is set up now, calls over the scanner from neighboring jurisdictions could potentially cover each other.
Huddleston admits that each year, the Sheriff’s Office makes some adjustments based on their experience from the previous year, and this year that change comes in the form of increased bike patrol at DonMorsePark.
Huddleston says that, although they haven’t had any serious issues to date- the park does get very busy and crowded.
Also, as a reminder, if you live or work in the downtown Chelan area, and you need access to Nixon Ave, Allen Ave, Chelan Ave, Lake Street, Cedar Street or Markeson St- you will need to pick up a pass from the Chelan Sheriff’s Sub Station, or the Chelan City Hall.
Those roads will be barricaded Friday through Monday in hopes to detour visitors from parking, camping, tailgating and clogging the streets that locals need to use.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio