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Pre-Appeal Hearing Set For The 14th 5/13/2012
A pre-appeal hearing will take place on Monday, May 14th for the appeal in the case of fired 4th grade MorganOwingsElementary School teacher, K.C. Craven- who was notified of his termination in a certified letter sent to him on October 13th, 2011 by Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Rob Manahan.
That official “Notice of Probable Cause for Discharge” started the clock in an appeals process that grants all certified employees, including teachers, the right to an appeal before an appointed hearing officer.
Superintendent Manahan tells KOZI News that that process is very time consuming and can be very costly.
Manahan admits that the process can be frustrating, especially when the discussion of settling comes into play, but he says, the school district looks at the whole picture.
Specific allegations that were made against Craven, and outlined in the discharge letter included “quote”
“Engaging in inappropriate sexual advances and other sexual behavior with and towards students,”
“Providing alcohol to students and/or non-student minors and/or allowing students and/or non-student minors to drink alcohol in your home,”
“Engaging in boundary invasion behaviors with students, including but not limited to inappropriately touching students”
The letter went on to read:
“Based on my careful and deliberate review of the investigation, including the information gathered in the meeting with you, I find that you indeed engaged in the misconduct described to you in the meeting and as described above.”
The hearing is set for Monday, May 14th and KOZI will keep you up to date as the case continues to unfold.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio