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Parents Speak Out About Craven's Hearing 5/13/2012
We are the parents of the student mentioned in the letter of probable cause for termination of KC Craven by the Lake ChelanSchool District, issued October 13th, 2011.
We are confused and upset about exactly how quiet things have been kept.  We meet with the school district superintendent (Rob Manahan), counselors, teachers and attorneys regularly, and were informed through a web of words that the school district will be attempting mediation with KC Craven on this Monday, May 14th.  We understand the weight of finances that propel the school district's decision to attempt mediation.  But it is for the purpose of humanity that we are writing this letter.  It seems like extortion: That the school district might have to make budget cuts (let other good teachers go) while having to continue to pay KC Craven for the duration of his appeal.  But we desperately feel that mediation is not the RIGHT thing to do.  The Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen, hasn't even made a decision to not prosecute.  We have no control of what the prosecutor nor the school district does.  We can only help bringing insight to the public. 
These are just 4 of the many points we struggle with every day.  But we feel they are the most pertinent to the decisions about to be made by the school district, starting this Monday.
*KC Craven was under investigation 4 times during his 6 years of employment, the first 3 with letters of reprimand saying that continuation of misconduct may result in discipline "up to and including discharge" or "up to and including, dismissal from district employment", and the final with a letter of probable cause for termination (attached)
*KC Craven was allowed to continue teaching his 4th grade class, after being removed from his coaching position in 2010 , following an investigation for inappropriate texting. "This is your third offense related to unprofessional conduct regarding student care and or interaction as it pertains to coaching activities, therefore I am prohibiting you from coaching or assisting in any student athletic activity in the Lake Chelan School district until further notice" (quote from KC's 3rd letter of reprimand from the Lake Chelan School District, this one signed by Rob Manahan) 
*Mediation (happening on May 14th) with KC Craven does not mean that he will have admit to any of the alleged misconduct mentioned in the letter of probable cause for termination.  This will be a financial decision for the Lake ChelanSchool District.   
*Will saving this money for our school district now, ensure the safety of kids in the future?
In conclusion:
March 16th, 2011 is the day our world as we knew it came crashing down.  This is the day we heard a very small portion of our son's story.  Nothing could prepare us for the unfolding of details that happened in the days/weeks/months to follow. And now, a year and 3 months later, disturbing and disappointing details surrounding this case still continue to surface.  As parents it is hard to not get stuck on and cry out about the emotional portion and how this has affected every facet of our son's/family's lives, but we understand the importance of keeping this letter focused on pointing out the seriousness of the illness of "the system", be it the union for defending a teacher with a well-documented pattern of misconduct , the school district in wanting to pay him off, or the prosecuting attorney's office calculating their odds of a win before putting handcuffs on him. Integrity?  Ethics?  Humanity?   Are all these institutions  influenced by finances, before doing what is right?