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Hot Topics On Tonight's Agenda 5/10/2012
Tonight’s Chelan City Council Meeting promises at least two agenda items that will probably draw plenty of public interest – the medical marijuana collective garden ordinance, and the proposed lowering of the speed limit along SR 150 between Chelan and Manson
First The Planning Commission is expected to give a recommendation to the Council regarding the adoption of an ordinance that will allow approved individuals to grow marijuana plants for up to ten medical marijuana patients with the ChelanCity limits.
The Council imposed a medical marijuana collective garden moratorium in October, and extended it in December to allow them the opportunity to study the land use impact collective gardens would pose within the city limits.
City Planning Director, Craig Gildroy, tells KOZI news that the moratorium is up this month - and he is suggesting the city adopt the state law.
Also on the agenda is the speed limit along a two-mile stretch of SR 150 near Rocky Point. Officials from Department of Transportation, along with Manson Council members will be on hand to voice their views on a topic that has been before council in the past.
About a year ago, the Department of Transportation stated that lowering the speed limit along that route would not improve public safety- but, according to City Administrator, Jim Reinbold, at least one citizen did not like that answer, and pleaded with council to reconsider.
If the speed limit along SR 150 is important to you, or if the medical marijuana collective garden issue is one you care about, you may want to go to the Chelan City Council meeting tonight, starting at 6PM in the council chambers on Johnson Ave.
And be sure to tune into KOZI tomorrow morning, shortly after 8AM, when we have city officials in studio to give us a rundown of tonight’s meeting.
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