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Speed Limit On SR 150 Could Be Lowered 5/9/2012
In what is likely to spur some lively debate at Thursday nights Chelan City Council meeting, could end with a lower speed limit on a two mile section along SR 150.
The topic is up for decision during the meeting, which will include members from Washington State Department of Transportation as well as from the Manson Community Council.
This is not the first time the speed limit along the stretch of highway between Chelan and Manson has been a topic of conversation, you may remember the community meetings, studies and surveys conducted about a year ago by the Department of Transportation. That data resulted in a decision by the DOT stating that it is not likely that lowering the speed limit will improve public safety on that stretch of highway.
City Administrator, Jim Reinbold, tells KOZI listeners that the idea is now back in front of the council after hearing more concerns.
If the speed limit on SR 150 is something you care about, you may want to attend the meeting tomorrow night at 6 PM in the Chelan City Council Chambers on Johnson Ave in Chelan.
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