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New Homeowners Geared Up For KOZI Day 5/9/2012
There is just a little more than a week left before the KOZI Habitat for Humanity Home Building Day – and the community excitement is growing.
The third annual wall-raising event, showcases that a small group of volunteers can work together to build big things- even a house.
And for first time home-owners, Johnny Morfin and his wife, who are the recipients chosen to purchase this year’s house, it means a lot.
Johnny tells us that KOZI Day is one more part of their Habitat experience that they are thankful for.
And for Johnny and his family, the opportunity to be homeowners through Habitat, has impacted their future with the organization –and adds that we are likely to see them at KOZI Home Building Days for years to come.
KOZI’s Habitat for Humanity Home Building Day is Friday, May 18th- and you are invited to join us as we raise walls, build porches, construct a shed, eat and feel good – because we are making a difference in our communities!
Join us – Friday, March 18th – the first 50 volunteers will receive a free KOZI/Habitat T-shirt.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio