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Winthrop Council Members Voice Concerns 5/4/2012
The Winthrop Mayor faced a concerned council during their April meeting, regarding disciplinary actions against the town Marshal, David Dahlstrom.
In late December, Mayor Acheson conducted an investigation, into accusations made by the Town of Twisp, after being notified the Winthrop Marshals Office was no longer welcome to assist on calls for law enforcement- stating concern for officer safety and potential liability.
Acheson concluded that the Winthrop officers had not caused any issues concerning officer safety, safety of the public, or any liability exposure and urged Twisp to reconsider.
The council voiced concern during their April 18 meeting after reading about additional disciplinary actions against the Winthrop Marshal in their local newspaper, The Methow Valley News, bringing to light a suspension in early January for a charge of being on duty while under the influence of alcohol, as well as transporting alcohol in his patrol car.
Council members question the mayor regarding the lack of severity of the punishment, as well as not informing the council of the situation.
Mayor Acheson, defended the conversation saying the council was just trying to understand the circumstances.
Twisp, who has their own police department, is maintaining their stance on the mutual aid agreement, and relies on the Okanogan County Sheriff Deputies when additional assistance is necessary.
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