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Affordable Night To Build Affordable Home 5/3/2012
As part of the community project to build House #15- leading up to the upcoming KOZI-Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding Day, the Habitat Hop Silent and Live Auction is taking place this Saturday, May 5th to help raise funds to build the house.
The Habitat Hop will be held this Saturday, from 6:30 PM until 10 PM at Campbell’s Resort in the Park Room. Tickets are available for $10 each, or $18 for two.
Catherine Morehead, Habitat Store Manager, tells KOZI that she has pinned a name that perfectly describes Saturday’s event.
Saturday is the last major fundraising event before the third annual KOZI Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding day, which has been set for Friday, May 18th – and promises to be the single biggest gathering as volunteers work to help a local family achieve the American dream of home ownership.
Be sure to join us, this Saturday at the Habitat Hop and then on Friday, May 18th at the KOZI Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding Day.
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