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Wildfire Season Is Upon Us 5/3/2012
The Wildfire Season for WashingtonState started on April 15- and although the idea of a normal wildfire season sounds better than it could be- the NorthwestInteragencyFireCoordinationCenter says the past four years have been below-average years for the number of acres burned.
In light of the higher expected acreage at risk this year, the Department of Natural Resources reminds people that with the warmer, dryer weather that often accompanies spring, the risk of wildfires can change rapidly.
Chelan County Fire District 7 chief, Tim Lemon, tells KOZI news that because they have the closest and most immediate response capabilities, the local jurisdictions claim the initial response.
Chief Lemon also explains that when his department calls in state level reinforcements, such as Department of natural resources, they are in essence, working for District 7, and must be paid.
Washington’s “summer fire rules” are in effect April 15 through Oct. 15. During fire season, people using motorized equipment in the woods must have approved spark arresters and follow fire safety precautions. Those same rules restrict cigarette smoking in forested areas to roads, gravels pits, or other clearings.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio