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Near and “Deer” Experience 5/2/2012
Usually when we talk about someone “near and dear” to us we are speaking fondly about someone very special to us….
Yesterdays “near and deer” experience by a Chelan bicyclist on the southshore was anything but fond. The “dear” was the four legged type of “deer” and the near was to close for comfort.
A 64 year old avid bicyclist out for his afternoon ride to the State Park ran into a “deer” apparently was out for his afternoon exorcize as well. The result was a trip to Chelan Community Hospital for the bicyclist discovered bloody, dazed and disorientated in the middle of the roadway by a passing motorists. The Good Samaritans transported the bicyclist to the hospital where he was treated and released after being treated for scrapes, abrasions and a concussion.
The identity of the injured bicyclist shall remain confidential but he reportedly lives next to a morning radio host who shall also remain anonymous.
As far as we know the deer suffered only the indignity of being run over by a mature bicyclist and finished his afternoon run. The neighbor of the bicyclist reports that the beloved bicycle received only minor damage.