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Twisp Fire Department Looking To Annex 4/28/2012
Since Twisp’s former Fire Chief, Keith Comstock, resigned in February, and the town removed its fire engine from service earlier this month, Twisp officials have been considering options on what their next step will be.
Comstock left after accepting a job with Okanogan Fire District 6, forcing the town to transfer those administrative duties to the police chief. The department has also seen a decline in the number of volunteers in recent years, prompting Twisp officials to look into other alternatives.
Focus has primarily been on the possibility of annexing the Twisp Fire Department into District 6, an idea that Mayor Soo Ing-Moody says has been pitched to fire district officials.
Annexation would require voters from both the Town of Twisp and within District 6 to agree, which could prove to be a lengthy process.
Mayor Ing-Moody assures Twisp residents that in the meantime, town officials are working hard to formalize an agreement.
District 6 covers more than 350 square miles, and has four career fire fighters and 32 volunteers.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio