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PUD Lake Chelan Runoff Forecast 4/12/2012

The third and final runoff forecast of the season for the Lake ChelanBasin has been released and is now posted on the PUD

The most current runoff is now forecast at 120 percent of average, an increase from the March forecast of 100 percent of average.

Scott Buehn, PUD resource engineer/analyst, based his calculations on a range of information and analysis including automated Snotel data andsnowpack measurements collected the last week of March during a helicopter trip into the mountains above Lake Chelan.

Last year the actual runoff from snow melt into Lake Chelan from April 1 thru July 31 was 126 percent of average.

The elevation of Lake Chelan on April 1 was 1083.5 feet above sea level, which is 1.9 feet lower than the expected average under the current operating license and 1 foot below last years reading at the same time. 

Generation at the Lake Chelan Hydro Project will be managed this winter and spring with the intent of meeting operating objectives in theLake Chelan Hydro Operating License as well as minimum lake elevation targets.


For more information contact Scott Buehn, (509) 661-4828