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Janney Recommends Keeping Fiber 4/10/2012
Admitting there was no solution that would make everyone happy, Chelan County PUD General Manager, John Janney, told commissioners at a special meeting last night, that he would like to see the PUD keep the fiber optic network and increase revenue generation to closer match maintenance and operation expenses.
Janney’s recommendation comes after the PUD conducted an extensive strategic planning process aimed at reducing or eliminating the 8 million  dollars lost last year operatiing the fiber network. Included in Janney’s recommendation is forgiving the fiber networks $99 million internal debt owed to the PUD which accounted for 5 million dollars of last years red ink.
His recommendation would not expand the network any further unless the funding comes from fiber revenues and electric rates would not be increased to pay for the network.
Janney is suggesting hiring an executive level telecommunications expert to run the network.
Commissioners are expected to take action, either by adopting Janney’s recommendation, or propose changes to it at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, April 16th.
Tune in later this morning when we visit with PUD Interim Fiber Manager Chris Church at 8:35 about last nights meeting and the future of the network