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Burglars Targeted Medical Marijuana Patients 4/5/2012
Law enforcement officials say at least two recent burglaries in the ChelanValley are the work of criminals targeting medical marijuana patients and their grow rooms. ChelanCounty Sheriff Sergeant Rob Huddleston say they did take one suspect into custody spotted breaking into a Chelan home and making off with several bags of marijuana.
Burglars targeting homes of known marijuana patients support the argument of opponents of medical marijuana who insist increased crime rates will be a by product of legalization of medical marijuana. Huddleston says that while that may be true in this case, marijuana is just one of many items criminals target.
Sergeant Huddleston says conflicting federal and state law only compounds the challenge in fighting crime when it comes to medical marijuana.
Deputies are still gathering information on a suspect who used a hand gun to rob a Manson medical marijuana patient on March 12. The gunman made off with marijuana plants and about $1000.00 cash.
If you have any information that could help solve the recent burglaries you are asked to please call the ChelanCounty Sherriff’s Chelan office at 682-2588.
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