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Golf Carts On Road To Be Topic At Meeting 4/4/2012
The Chelan City Council will consider an ordinance during their meeting tomorrow that will allow conditional use of golf carts on roadways in a designated area inside city limits. The proposal focuses on a section near the golf course as an experiment before considering expanding the area they are allowed.
City Administrator, Jim Reinbold, says city officials will pitch the proposed ordinance to council members at a time when golf carts are a growing trend on public roads.
Washington State Legislatures passed a bill in spring of 2010 which allowed local jurisdictions to create “golf cart zones’ an area of roads with speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less where golf carts would be allowed to travel on the roadway.
The bill requires the use of reflectors, seat belts and rearview mirrors, (but makes no mention of cup holders.)
ChelanCity Council will meet tomorrow at 6 pm in the chelan council chambers on Johnson Street.
Be sure to tune into KOZI Friday morning when we have city officials in studio a little after 8 am to discuss the meeting.
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