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Twisp Council Votes To Support Mayor 3/30/2012
The Twisp Town Council is supporting Mayor Ing Moody’s position in a disagreement with Winthrop Mayor, Dave Acheson following an investigation into conduct by the Winthrop Marshalls Office while providing law enforcement support to the Town of Twisp.
Mayor Ing-moody received a letter from Twisp Police Chief Paul Budrow alleging that Winthrop deputies responded to an incident that involved an agitated armed man-but failed to wear a uniform, and did not have any police identification, bullet proof vests or guns. The letter stated that Winthrop Marshalls Office improperly provided a civil standby in Twisp without court order.
Winthrop Mayor, Dave Acheson says Twisp gave him a list of concerns that included officer safety and potential liability, which prompted an internal investigation into the allegations.
Twisp’s Mayor, Ing- Moody says after she heard back from Mayor Acheson, the issue was put on the town council agenda.
Mayor Ing-Moody adds that she continues to have a good working relationship with Mayor Acheson, despite their disagreement on this particular issue.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio