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Chelan Dropping GFC's? We'll See... 3/28/2012
The City of Chelan is considering lowering fees associated with hooking up to city water and sewer lines when new construction occurs within the city limits. In 2006 the city adopted General Facility Charges, or GFC’s, in response to a very robust construction environment and the need to upgrade both water and sewer delivery service to keep up with demand.
GFC’s are one method to generate revenue for water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades to accommodate for future growth. Since that time development has slowed dramatically and projections for future growth may need to be amended.
Dwayne VanEpps, Public Works Director for the City of Chelan, says the GFC discussion has been a highly visited topic.
Van Epps said a great deal of study went into implementing GFC’s  but times have changed.
The Chelan council will likely revisit the GFC topic at their next meeting on Thursday, April 12th.  Chelan council meetings are held in City Hall on Johnson Ave. on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 6 PM. The meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome.  
Join us here on Kozi every Friday morning just after 8 AM as we are joined in the studio by the Mayor and City Administrator. 
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio