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No Chickens On Small Lots In Chelan... 3/26/2012
Last weeks public hearing at the Chelan City Council and subsequent 4-3 council vote against a proposed livestock ordinance drew a lot of criticism from disgruntled citizens on Fridays 2nd Cup program.
The proposed amendment to an existing ordinance would have allowed residents within city limits to keep four chicken hens for domestic use including egg production and consumption of the fowl themselves.
The proposal would not have allowed roosters.
Mayor, Bob Goedde says there was quite a bit of discussion leading up to the council’s decision.
Following Friday’s rejection of the “chicken amendment” angry citizens began calling your morning 2nd Cup program to share their disapproval of the council lack of action. Some callers insisted they need the ability to raise a few chickens to feed their families.
Councilman, Mike Steele says this wasn’t a vote against chickens, in fact, current code does allow some residents to have chickens.
The City will likely revisit the issue, but in the meantime, we have put a new poll question on our website to gather your thoughts on the topic.
Our poll question asks: Do you think the Chelan City Council should allow residents up to four chickens (not roosters) within the city limits?
You can cast your vote by going to
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio