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TTC Decision On Tonight's Agenda 2/23/2012
The Chelan City Council will meet tonight for a regularly scheduled meeting – hoping to, among other things, vote on whether to support the one-tenth of one percent sales tax increase ballot measure.
City Administrator, Jim Reinbold says the council has a full agenda that also includes a special presentation geared to clear up some miss-information regarding the Warehouse Industrial Zoning issue.
That “small item” was the sole topic during Tuesday evening’s special meeting that drew leaders from Chelan and DouglasCounty along with Mayors of the seven cities that make up the Public Facilities District.
Chelan Council members are clearly leery of getting deeper involved in the TTC and would clearly like to be out of the PFD. Their displeasure with the whole issue was clear through comments they made and the questions they asked.
Councilman Mike Cooney told Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz “If you ran a business the way this thing’s been run, we’d all just say it’s time to fold and walk away.”
Mayor Kuntz was apologetic in his explanation of events that brought him to the meeting but stood firm on the need to put the issue before the voters.
Tonight’s Council meeting will be held at 6 PM in the City of Chelan Council Chambers on Johnson Ave.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio