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Chelan Council: On The Ballot, Or Not? 2/16/2012
In an attempt to gather more public input, Chelan City Council member Mike Steele along with Mayor Bob Goedde have turned to KOZI for help.
The pair is looking for a clearer picture on how Chelan residents feel about the much debated issue of whether to put the sales tax increase to save the TownToyotaCenter out for a public vote.
The City of Chelan is the lone unit of the nine entities making up the Public Facilities District that owns the TownToyotaCenter that has not voiced support for putting the tax increase on the ballot.
Council Member, Mike Steele says he still needs more direction from the community.
Mayor Goedde agrees, but adds that not putting the tax measure on the ballot affects the entire District and will likely bring on lawsuits.
So, your council and mayor have spoken- and they need your comments and concerns- they need your take on the issue-
Do you want the tax increase option aimed at saving the TownToyotaCenter to be put on the ballot for your vote, or do you want the Chelan City Council to say no?You can answer that question by going to our website- to cast your vote on our poll question.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio