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OCEC Meets To Discuss Rate Structure 2/15/2012
The Okanogan County Electric Cooperative is hosting a public meeting tomorrow evening in order to gain member feedback on four rate structure scenarios drafted by the board of directors.
The need to tweak current rates stems from a combination of member concerns over the existing billing system and an increase in the cost of wholesale power.
Under the residential rate structure in place now, customers are billed a $40 base rate and 3.84 cents per kilowatt/hour. In addition customers are charged a $2.70 per kilowatt/hour demand charge, which measures the highest 15 minutes of electric usage in a month.
Four options will be offered to members at the meeting tomorrow night and the board is hoping to narrow that down to one.
David Gottula (GUT-TOO-LA), General Manager for Okanogan County Electric Cooperative, says they hope to gather enough input to make a decision and implement the new structure by April 1st.
That meeting will be held tomorrow at 6PM  at the Winthrop Barn.
If you would like to see the four rate structure options, you can visit their website at
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