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Approval For TTC Bill Set For Wednesday 2/14/2012
A bill that would give the City of Wenatchee the authority to impose a .2 percent sales tax increase without a public vote in the continuing Town Toyota Center Saga is set for a public hearing tomorrow afternoon in the House Ways and Means Committee.
Senate Bill 5984 passed out of the Senate with a 32-14 vote, and is expected to pass the House as well, paving the way for a new agreement that is now in the draft form.
Under the proposed plan, if Wenatchee imposes the .2 percent tax increase, the nine entities, including Wenatchee, will agree to a public vote on an additional .1 percent sales tax increase.
Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England, says the increased responsibility from Wenatchee will go a long way for the remaining entities to settle on some sort of solution to rescue the arena from its nearly $42 million debt.
Eight of the nine entities have voiced support for the newest plan, with the City of Chelan remaining opposed to any sales tax increase for the arena.
Council member, Erin McCardle says she is hesitant because the council does not have enough information that would allow them to make a well-informed decision.
In order for the tax measure to be put on the ballot, it must be approved and submitted by the first week of March.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio