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Hatchery Complete At Chelan Falls 2/2/2012
Chelan County PUD has finished a new rearing facility at ChelanFalls. The facility will raise and release about 600 thousand Chinook Salmon into the area.
The Hatchery Program Coordinator, Alene Underwood, says the PUD started the process through the Habitat Conservation Plan that the district has been implementing over the past several years.
As part of the project, the PUD constructed four concrete tanks that measure about 45 feet in diameter, that Alene says feature innovative pumps and filters that will raise healthier young fish while using less water.
The Chelan County PUD believes that by meeting the goals set forth in the Habitat Conservation Plan, the district will improve hydro operations, ultimately keeping local electric rates affordable. 
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio