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Chelan Hospital Ex-CEO Fired From Oregon 1/31/2012
Lake ChelanCommunityHospital ex- CEO, Larry Peterson, and former Addiction Recovery Center Director, Milt Parham have been fired from an OregonDrug & AlcoholCenter.
Peterson served as CEO of Astoria Pointe since 2007, and Milt Parham was the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Both were fired in November.
Officials are conducting an internal investigation into Peterson and Parham surrounding disturbing accusations about sexual misconduct and financial mis-spending.
A document recently obtained by KOZI from Lake ChelanCommunityHospital was previously sealed until last April when a ChelanCounty Judge ordered it a matter of public record.
Details on Peterson and Parham’s dismissal from Astoria Pointe will likely not be revealed until the internal investigation is complete but the document from Lake ChelanCommunityHospital is being reported as strikingly similar to the present circumstances in Astoria.
The report, dated June of 2007 highlights concerns surrounding Peterson’s employment at Lake Chelan Community hospital. It alleges Peterson had inappropriate business relationships with a board member, wrongfully spent hospital funds on business expenses, hired a significant other who was not qualified and did not work the prescribed number of hours, made a $100,000 yearly contract with a friend in California, and engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct with hospital employees. 
Peterson resigned from Lake ChelanCommunityHospital two months after that 2007 report was completed, and Parham resigned five months later.
KOZI will continue to keep you informed as we continue to obtain and confirm information.