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Town Toyota PFD Meets Wednesday 1/31/2012
Three of the nine Public Facilities District members have voted in support of offering a sales tax increase to voters to save the TownToyotaCenter, as proposed by East Wenatchee Mayor, Steve Lacey.
The Cities of Cashmere, Entiat and Rock Island have all announced their backing of the plan that, if passed by the voters, would increase sales tax by .2 percent. That money would then be used to help pay off the arena’s $42 million dollar debt. As proposed, Wenatchee would, in time, pay back the other eight entities.
The cities of East Wenatchee, Wenatchee and Chelan, the town of Waterville as well as Douglas and ChelanCounties have not announced any formal decisions yet.
ChelanCounty Commissioner Doug England says they still have a lot of questions and concerns; and would like to see a concrete proposal of exactly what they are being asked to vote on.
A public facilities district meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 9am at the town Toyota center, with the hope of some long awaited answers to the many questions from all nine entities. 
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