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Holden Mine Clean-Up Remedy Finalized 1/31/2012
The three agencies involved in the Holden Mine Clean-up project, the Forest Service, Washington Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency, signed the record of decision for the clean-up site selecting the remedy that will be implemented over the next several years in the clean up of the Holden Mine site.
The Record of Decision, often referred to as the “rod”, is dated January 27, 2012 and focuses on the cleanup of hazardous substances, at levels toxic to aquatic life, in the mine ground water and mine drainage being released into nearby Railroad Creek.
The remedy includes the collection of the water discharging from the mine and groundwater impacted by the mine, tailings and waste rock. Construction of a barrier wall and water collection system down slope from the former mining area and adjacent to Railroad Creek will reduce the amount of contaminated water that would otherwise enter the creek.
Holden Mine Clean-up Project Manager, Norm Day says those waters will then be treated to remove hazardous substances before being released into Railroad Creek.
The more than 500 page record of decision document is available for review on the forest service website at www.
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