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Code Enforcement Hearing Tomorrow 1/16/2012
Chelan citizens will have an opportunity to weigh in on the topics of General Facility Charges and code enforcement at a special Meeting tomorrow night at ChelanCity Hall.
General Facilities Charges, or GFC’s, is the fee new development pays to the city to connect to current water and sewer connections. On top of that developers are also required to pay for all infrastructure improvements both on their development property and often to deficiencies that exist adjacent to the property being developed. Some citizens believe that the GFC Fees stymie development and are, in some case, unfair and counterproductive.
Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde say the philosophy behind GFC’s is sound but the formula for determining the fee can be reexamined.
The GFC Fee varies from neighborhood to neighborhood depending upon existing water pressure and other infrastructure already in place.
According to Mayor Goedde the other topic on the agenda for tomorrow nights public meeting, code enforcement, is a hot topic amongst citizens right now for a number of reasons. Chelan employs a full time code enforcement officer in addition to full time parking enforcement officer which some citizens believe may be a little “heavy handed” in code enforcement.
We often hear complaints about being required to obtain permits to change out a water heater in your home or even just a new bathroom faucet. Outside of the City Limits of Chelan permits are either not required of not enforced for these simple types of routine maintenance, yet in the city limits enforcement officials seem to seek out violators rather aggressively. The council will discuss that tomorrow night at 6 PM.
Mayor Goedde says code enforcement is a city decision with council and administration setting policy for both adoption of rules and enforcement.
Again, that meeting will be held tomorrow evening at 6 PM at the Chelan Council Chambers on Johnson Ave. Plan on attending and voicing your opinion or be willing to accept what the decision is without your input.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio