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Chelan City Council Meets Thursday 1/11/2012
The Chelan City Council will welcome a few new faces to the board tomorrow evening when they meet for the first time this year.
City Administrator, Jim Reinbold, says the first order of business as they head into 2012 will be swearing in the Mayor and council members. 
Following the administration of oath of office Reinbold says the council will consider lease fee contracts with three organizations for temporary use of the MasonicTemple building until the library is relocated there. The council will also award the construction bid for the wastewater treatment plant upgrade, renew a contract with ChelanCounty for Emergency Services, and will restructure the 2012 council committee assignments.
Mayor Bob Goedde says he has also invited East Wenatchee Mayor, Steve Lacey, to present a proposed TownToyotaCenter bailout plan.
Tomorrow nights meeting is set for 6 pm at the Chelan Council Chambers on Johnson Ave.
Join us on Friday morning just after the top of the 8 o’clock hour as we welcome officials from the City of Chelan in studio to recap Thursdays’ council meeting. 
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