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Washington Schools Win Grants 12/30/2011
Washington Schools received some much needed good news in the way of federal grants this month. Amid threats of further state budget cuts, it looks like a sizeable chunk of federal Race to the Top dollars are coming to the state.
The highly competitive grant splits $500 million between nine states to help improve early education programs.
It is unclear at this point how much of this money will make its way to Chelan and Douglas counties, but local education officials are excited all the same.
Shana Brooks, Literary Specialist with North Central Educational Service District, says the Race to the Top grant will help expand kindergarten assessment programs across the state.
Shana adds that although it is early to tell how the grant will affect our local school districts, it will likely be focused on children before they begin school.
The Race to the Top grant competition is part of the Obama administration’s cornerstone education initiative. Last year, it handed out $4 billion in such grants focused on K-12 education.