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Mill Bay Casino Donates $24,000 12/28/2011
What started as an ordinary Toys for Tots Promotion by Mill Bay Casino and the Colville Tribe, ended with a large cash donation that surprised not only the recipient, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, but the casino staff and Administration as well.
The Casino offered rewards of cash and food vouchers for anyone who donated to the campaign, and was overwhelmed with the response. They were able to present the church with a check for more than $24 thousand, along with toys and food.
Melissa Pierre, Events Coordinator for Mill Bay Casino, told KOZI that the Casino is glad to be a part of this event and knows that local families will truly benefit from their efforts.
When Reverend Linda Mayer received the call last week, just before Christmas, she says she was in shock as she drove to the Casino, not yet aware of the amount of the check.
Linda fought back tears as she accepted the donation, and said St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is familiar with many families in the ChelanValley in need of help for the Christmas holiday, and knows this significant boost will help in many ways.
In addition to the large check, the casino was able to pass on about $400 worth of food and 30 brand new toys.