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LINK's ETrolley Begins Test Route 12/27/2011
 LINK Transit’s long delayed electric trolley has hit the road, making its first rounds in Wenatchee last week. The “Current” line of 5 electric trolleys was supposed to be running well over a year ago, but the cutting edge technology ran into a number of complications.
The manufacturer, Ebus, is trying to fix a problem in the cooling system of the new fast charging lithium titrate batteries. So in the mean time they installed older nickel cadmium batteries on three of the trolleys. This will allow LINK to test the electric vehicles while they await the final versions to be delivered some time in the spring.
LINK'S General Manager, Richard DeRock, says the temporary nickel batteries will allow LINK to test the electric vehicles while they wait for the final versions to be delivered sometime in the spring.
DeRock says the first week of trial run has gone well, but the electric trolleys will run a limited route and work their way up from there.
For now, the electric trolleys run from Olds Station to Valley North Mall and back but are expected to be fully operational by April.
Tune in tomorrow when we hear more about a recent grant LINK was awarded to build an additional five electric busses.