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Hawkins Found Guilty of Assault 12/12/2011
Appearing before District Court Judge Thomas Warren last Friday, Manson resident Edwin Troy Hawkins was found guilty of fourth-degree assault of Chelan High School Coach Darren Talley.
Hawkins was arrested last May on 2nd Degree Assault charges following an incident at a school track meet in Cashmere. According to a Sheriffs report a heated verbal argument between Hawkins and Assistant Track coach Darren Talley ended with Harkins striking Talley in the jaw with the heel of his hand snapping his neck back. Those charges were later amended to 4th Degree Assault. Mr. Hawkins does not deny the altercation took place but  said he was surprised by the verdict.
Hawkins was arrested on May 9th at the Lake Chelan School District Offices after meeting with School Superintendent Rob Manahan and spent the night in jail before bonding out.

 A letter sent to Mr. Hawkins from School Superintendent Rob Manahan restricts Hawkins from visiting school campuses.  Hawkins is appealing that school district order. A separate yet parallel court case is working its way through the civil courts after Hawkins filed suit against Darren Talley for allegedly “head butting” him during the altercation that ultimately led to Hawkins arrest and conviction. No date has yet been set for the lawsuit which seeks unspecified restitution for physical injuries, psychological distress and damages.