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A Christmas Story Live on KOZI 12/8/2011
 Live performances of A Christmas Story brought to you by Chelan Valley Players this weekend.
The performances will be live at Tsillan Cellars tomorrow and Saturday nights, but if you have not already purchased your tickets, you are too late. Tickets for the event sold out early this week.
But, don’t fret, because KOZI will be there, airing the show live tomorrow night only, as part of the Chelan Valley Players Phone-a-thon fundraiser.
Sheryl Smith, with Chelan Valley Players, says their organization hopes this fundraising event will help them continue offering live entertainment in this valley.
Smith says teaming up with KOZI to provide a radio show is a first for Chelan Valley Players, and is proving to be a natural fit for this particular performance.
A Christmas Story, put on by Chelan Valley Players will air live tomorrow night from Tsillan Cellars beginning at 7:30 PM on KOZI. There will be reminders for you to call in your pledge during the radio show. That phone number to call is 682-9463.
If you are one of those lucky individuals with tickets to watch the performance live, dinner will begin at 6:30 PM, and you are encouraged to get there early for seating.
Listen to a clip of radio show you will only hear on KOZI Friday night starting at 7:30 PM
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 Do you remember that scene? How about this one?...
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