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Former KOZI Staff Releases 2nd Album 12/7/2011
Pauline Wick comes by her love for music naturally. When she was young, not a day went by that she wasn’t surrounded by some form of music.

 Before getting married to her husband, Jedadiah and forming their band, The Wicks, Pauline was a small town girl who grew up in Okanogan and spent her summers on Lake Chelan.
 In fact, Pauline spent some time working for KOZI in the sales department and her first official solo gig was at Blueberry Hills in Manson.
Now, just weeks after the release of their second album, Pauline, who is the lead singer for the band; looks back on a few events in her life that shaped her into the music star she has become.






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 And, as for the moment Pauline realized her talent could go farther than just a deep appreciation and love for music; that came in high school…
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 Pauline, along with her band The Wicks, recently released their second album titled Christmas, featuring two songs written by Pauline.