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A Give Naked Update 12/5/2011

Together you have raised over $1300 for this woman and her child.  As a side note Nona at the Crisis Center asked if we thought we could raise $2000 to really get this woman on her feet.  That was a pretty big give, so we opted to do $1000 but you have exceeded that goal.  We will post the final total on the Past gives page on Mon or Tue.  


===============    Who you helped      ====================

Help a woman and her child escape a violent home

Domestic violence can shatter lives.  The Domestic Violence Center has asked us to help a mother and her two year old son.  After living with an abusive and violent husband, she finally made the choice to stop the cycle. Her husband broke her leg causing her to lose her job and be ineligible for unemployment. She has since left him and is trying desperately to create a new life for her and her child.  A life that does not include abuse.  Because of her need to work and make a living she removed her cast against medical wishes of her doctors.  As is the case with most women that leave a violent situation, she is financially devastated. She is behind on rent and her car is broken down.  Anything at all would be helpful.   Lets show her that Central Washington takes care of our community.

Please help us spread the word on this one.  We are trying to raise $1000 so it will be a bit of work.  We need your help posting on Facebook, emailing your friends, etc.  It will only take 100 people to give $5 and we can easily finish this give.  Thanks to the Wenatchee HOG motorcycle group for the first $500.  They are the best!  Any money over the $1000 goal will also go directly to this woman and her child.  


Please go to and help


Please pass this around to your friends.